No great business was built without purpose-fueled action – yet most entrepreneurs struggle to know what are the right steps to take to grow their business and that is because they are trying to do it alone. The solution is not to try to hustle through the struggle!

That is why I created a supportive mastermind that celebrates action and collaboration.

Join a community of purpose-driven entrepreneurs who are ready to get unapologetically loud about the growth and impact of their businesses.

You will amplify your business in the Get Amped Mastermind!

The Problem Entrepreneurs Are Facing in 2021

If you are like me, you were taught that the path to success was exclusively through hard work. So you put your head down and got to work. But somewhere between frustrating and total burnout you realized there had to be a better way!

I went out and personally tested so many coaches and programs and what I learned was that many of the masterminds available today no longer support what entrepreneurs need in our current economic landscape. They felt very hands-off, automated, promoting generic speakers, hosting bloated experiences and prioritizing individualism over collaboration and appearance over action.

That is why in the redesigned Get Amped Mastermind we get right to the core of what entrepreneurs need to create the right results in their business.


Your journey begins with a strategic deep dive to build your marketing and business development plan. From there the community engages every month in curated workshop sessions. Unlike other mastermind programs, these sessions are not to hear generic speakers, but to come together and work on our businesses.

The mastermind also includes follow up coaching to refine your marketing, accountability groups and a support board of professionals (Graphic/Web Design, Digital Marketing, Copywriting, Photo/Video) to support you with previous obstacles that held you back.

Imagine you had all the connections and guidance to accelerate your business growth. How far could you go? How loud could you get?

What alumni of get amped have to say

Everything Included in The Get Amped Mastermind:

The Get Amped Mastermind is designed to give you all the tools you need to elevate your success.

  • 6 Months of Mastermind Membership so that you can work quickly and achieve results faster without being committed to a year long program.
  • 2 Separate 1:1 Coaching Session with James Patrick. A deep dive strategy session to build your marketing plan and a midway session to analyze results and refine efforts.
  • Monthly Workshop Sessions. These are not your standard virtual calls with the same speakers you’ve seen for free online. Instead our workshop sessions are just that – we get to work with group breakouts and hot seats.
  • Accountability Groups so that you have on-going support with your goals and action items.
  • Photo Shoot with James Patrick so that you can build the right visual assets for your marketing and positioning to media outlets.

Bonus Benefits:

  • FITposium 2021 VIP Pass to be able to pitch to top media outlets.
  • 6 Months of FITposiumPLUS Membership for educational modules plus LIVE business coaching.
  • Access to Support Board to assistance with graphic design, web design, digital marketing, copywriting photography and videography.

You have access to the tools you need to enhance your work, be connected with a high-powered network of entrepreneurs who are there to support you and keep you accountable in your mission! That is the more important element of Get Amped; your unparalleled opportunity to improve your network. The fellow members of the mastermind will be your family. Together we can go further than we could individually. With the right community you can put a dent in the universe and leave your impact on others!

No matter what your path is, you will find the next steps you need to take to level up!

Who Can Get Amped?

  • Entrepreneurs who want to increase their income and impact
  • Entrepreneurs committed to purpose fueled action
  • Entrepreneurs willing to support others in the community
  • Entrepreneurs dedicated to operating with passion and integrity
  • Entrepreneurs who are ready to get to work!

Get Amped is for the entrepreneur who is making a conscious choice to be an action-taker and is ready to work with and support others.

If action excites you, if connection fuels you and if creating real impact gets your heart racing – then I want you to apply now by scheduling a free call with me!

Who I am…

My name is James Patrick and I am truly honored to have the privilege of guiding and facilitating the growth and breakthroughs for so many of my clients to help them 2X, 4X even 6X their revenue!

I am an internationally published photographer with more tan 500 magazine covers, award winning marketing specialist, public speaker, podcast host and author of the best selling book FIT BUSINESS GUIDE: The Workout Plan for Your Brand

In 2015 I created FITposium and since then have served more than 1500 fitness entrepreneurs to help them build, market and profit from their brands.

My superpower and focus is in helping YOU overcome obstacles, navigate transition, accelerate growth and earn the success that you deserve both personally and professionally!

The GET AMPED MASTERMIND is my most exclusive offer reserved for the most dedicated thinkers and doers. There is NO OTHER way to receive this focus, attention and support. I cannot wait for you to plug in, take your message and turn the volume up! This is your opportunity calling to you to GET AMPED!