Are you finally ready to join a community of like-minded and driven entrepreneurs who are ready to live out loud while increasing confidence, net worth and business impact?

Too many businesses fail because the driving force, the founder, is too quiet, too shy, too reserved – or their message is never heard amongst all the noise. This group will push you and teach you how to amplify your message!

It is time you get loud! It is time for you to GET AMPED!

The Get Amped Mastermind

Imagine if you had all the information, all the resources, all the connections and all the support you needed to accelerate your growth. How far can you go? How loud can you get?

The Get Amped Mastermind is designed to give you all the tools you need to elevate your success. You will learn from the best minds and leading experts in the business industry, will have access to the tools you need to enhance your work, be connected with a high-powered network of entrepreneurs who are there to support you and keep you accountable in your mission! That is the more important element of Get Amped; your unparalleled opportunity to improve your network. The fellow members of the mastermind will be your tribe and your family. Together we can go further than we could individually. With the right tribe you can put a dent in the universe and leave your impact on others!

No matter what your path is, you will find the next steps you need to take to level up!

Who Can Get Amped?

Are you an entrepreneur who wants to increase your income and elevate your mindset?

Are you committed to breaking old habits and releasing excuses that have held you back before?

Are you community focused and are willing to be an active member of a tribe?

Are you dedicated to maintaining the highest integrity with your actions?

Are you ready to live abundantly?

Get Amped is for the entrepreneur who is making a conscious choice to be the best in their field! If this is not you, then please do not apply below as it is not right for you yet. But if this sounds like you, if you feel your heart racing when you read this, then we want you to apply below!

Here’s What’s Included

  • DEEP DIVE Marketing Strategy and Brand Development Session with James & Kelly to set your 2020 goals and directions.
  • TWO in-person high level mastermind weekend retreats featuring guest speakers, elite training sessions, group activities and special receptions for amplified business and entrepreneurial leaders.
  • 1-on-1 Quarterly Check-in Calls with James or Kelly tailored to your brand and goals.
  • Monthly group coaching calls for accountability, additional education and collaboration.
  • Accountability partners to keep members on track.
  • Branding Photo Shoot with James Patrick Photography
  • 2020 FITposium VIP Conference Pass.
  • Exclusive Training Session at FITposium 2020 (limited only to GET AMPED Mastermind Members).
  • Weekly Office Hour Training.
  • Full Membership with
  • Elite discounts with Patrick Creative Media and James Patrick Photography.
  • and much more!


Who We Are…

We are truly honored to have the privilege of guiding and facilitating the growth and breakthroughs for all of our clients!

James Patrick is an internationally published and award winning photographer, marketing specialist, public speaker, podcast host and author of the new book FIT BUSINESS GUIDE: The Workout Plan for Your Brand. Kelly Patrick is a licensed mental health therapist, wellness coach, published author, relationships expert and leading mindfulness educator.

Together we have 5X the size and reach of our annual FITposium conference, developing it into an unparalleled network that has changed the lives and careers of literally hundreds!

Our combination of skills is our superpower in helping YOU overcome obstacles, navigate transition, accelerate growth and earn the success that you deserve both personally and professionally!

THIS IS our exclusive offer reserved for the most dedicated thinkers and doers. There is NO OTHER way to receive this focus, attention and support from us. We cannot wait for you to plug in, take your message and turn the volume up! This is your opportunity calling to you to GET AMPED!